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Bus Bar Trunking System (BBT)
Product Introduction
Busbar trunking systems (BBT) consist of insulated copper or aluminium busbars enclosed in a trunking. Use a specialist epoxy resin coating to insulate each conductor, the coating is applied to the busbars using an in-house developed and industry leading process. Modern busbar trunking is modular in design and is supplied in pre-fabricated lengths and available in a range of conductor configurations. The product range typically includes elbows, T-connectors, feeder units, panel flanges and various other standard or custom components that make it simple to configure for almost any application.
Product Features
Easy to design power distribution and clear network structure, easy engineering and installation possibility
Law ignition energy and high short-circuit value.
Fast & simple installation with minimum tools.
Tap-off connections can be made to Distribution Busbar lengths; Tap-offs can be added, removed and repositioned as necessary
During installation, there is no waste or scrap. So it’s environment friendly.
Easily be removed and re-used where required
Product Specifications
The low impedance prefabricated horizontal & vertical BusbarTtrunking System shall be type tested assembly (TTA) conforming to IEC 439/1-2 & shall be suitable for use in installation conforming to IEC 364.
Standard of busduct IEC 439-1&2 VDE 0660 PT 500
Busbar brand DTM Busway System
Country of origin Turkey
Shipment from Turkey
Rated current 2000A ex - way & 400A;160A mini-way & 25A; 40A lt-way
Live conductor 4W+GE AL
Neutral % 100%
Rated insulation voltage 1000V AC
Withstand voltage 10000V AC
Frequency 50 HZ
Class of insulation Class B ( 130 Deg. C )
Insulation materials Epoxy compound insulation ( thickness 1.6 mm ) max
Busbar materials Aluminum / Copper
Maximum ambient temperature 50 Deg. C
Degree of protection IP55
Copper purity 99.9%
Aluminum purity 99.9%
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