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Gang Switch and Socket - Lotus Series
To ensure the hassle free operation of electrical appliances as well as to bring the decorative looks of homes and industries, Super Star Group introduced electrical wiring accessories (Switches and Sockets) series of gang switches under the Super Star Brand. According to the design there are 3 series of switches and sockets, which are Rose, Lotus and Lily. The finest surface of any gang switch of Super Star brand will attract your sight when it is used in your home. It is a product Super Star is proud to compare with any world-class brand of similar category. It is made of polycarbonate plastic; screws are made of pure copper. These types of special components have given the product a life of 20 times higher than an ordinary one.
Basic Benefits
High quality and elegant.
All screws are made of copper.
Made of polycarbonate plastic.
Fire Proof.
Fixing Screws are invisible and covered with insulated plate, so no possibility to get shock.
Above 40,000 times ON/Off capacity.
Competitive Price.
Sl Picture Series Product Name Feature Model No Specification
01. Lotus One Gang One Way L-01 10A 250 V
02. Lotus One Gang Two Way L-02 10A 250 V
03. Lotus Two Gang One Way L-03 10A 250 V
04. Lotus Two Gang Two Way L-04 10A 250 V
05. Lotus Three Gang One Way L-05 10A 250 V
06. Lotus Four Gang One Way L-06 10A 250 V
07. Lotus Universal Socket N/A L-07 13A 250 V
08. Lotus Light Dimmer N/A L-10 500W 250 V
09. Lotus Door Bell N/A L-12 10A 250 V
10. Lotus Two Pin Socket N/A L-13 10A 250 V
11. Lotus Three Pin Round Socket N/A L-15 15A 250 V
12. Lotus DP Switch with Neon N/A L-16 20A 250 V
13. Lotus Blanck Plate N/A L-17
14. Lotus TV Socket N/A L-18
15. Lotus Telephone Socket N/A L-19
16. Lotus Fan Regulator N/A L-20 250A 250 V
17. Lotus Combination Socket N/A L-22 13A 250 V
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