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To be the most contemporary conglomerate – LOCALLY AND GLOBALLY.


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A story of integrity and persistence

The journey of Super Star Group began with a pretty simple vision; making world class electronic products available for the people here in Bangladesh, certainly at an affordable price that they will not be acceptable by everyone, but also lead the company to become the leader in its category of business. For over last two decades the company under the brand name “SUPER STAR” has been leading and successful manufacturer, importer and marketer of electrical accessories and equipment.

In the year 1994, The company started its journey by establishing its first venture, an Incandescent lamp plant located at Narayanganj. The Company specializes in providing wide range of lighting and other electrical solution for residential, commercial, and other special needs. The target of the company is simple, offering with a wide range of high-quality lighting solution for the customers in Bangladesh, leading the lighting manufacture industry and becoming the number one choice in both house hold and industrial sector of the country.

An effort to achieve innovation excellence

Our range of products cater to a wide circle of customer groups, households, corporates and industrials alike. Product range includes Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), Incandescent Lamp (GLS), Light Emitting Diode (LED), Fluorescent Tube Light (T8, T5), Super Star Fan, Switches & Sockets, Fan, Fluorescent Lighting Fixture, PVC Insulating Tape, Electronic Ballast, and Distribution Board.

In addition, Super Star Group is the exclusive distributor of Kawamura Electric Inc. of Japan and Federal Electric of Turkey for marketing and distribution of their world-renowned Circuit Breaker and other electrical safety related products in Bangladesh. Khaitan Fan of India is another well reputed name associated with the group.

A commitment to make the world a better place

During its business age, the company has ventured in many new territories with the vision to provide a better living solution for the customers. Ranging from a small switch to even electronic power stations, to lifts, to even properties - the venture never stopped. The company heavily focuses on making the future green and safe for our next generation which led to expanding the horizon in renewable energy business under the name of Super Star Renewable Energy Ltd. The company designs and develops innovative renewable energy related products that are best suited for customer needs.

The companies first priority is always the assurance of the best quality product. All the products from SSG have both intrinsic and aesthetic value, which plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction which in turn leads to give the SSG family the true motivation to move forward with the business. SSG believes it is the people who are the bloodline of the company. Thus a groups if selected personnel who thrive for the same values of the company and are experienced and highly skilled are on the lead for taking the company even further into the future.



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